Everything Banana


KFP produces a variety of banana based products, such as dried bananas, plantain chips and baby food. The banana is a traditional food among East African communities and can be eaten in many different forms. In recent years the banana has regained its importance as a staple food, as scientists have improved its production and promoted it for its high nutritional value. Banana growing has been identified as a key strategy in poverty reduction as the bananas grow fast and produce high quantities, especially with improved technologies. Eating more bananas will create opportunities for increasing the earnings of farming families in East Africa. Bananas produce a variety of tasty dishes and snacks, both traditional and modern.
  • Mutotoiyo- is made from the half-ripe banana and roasted or deep fried
  • Ngumba is a delicious dish made from roasted banana, mashed in ghee, butter or margarine and honey.
  • Kiburi special is a soup made from green banana and broth, flavoured in a combination of spices to give a wholesome any-time meal
  • Banana chips are made from half ripe or green bananas, deep fried and served with meat or green vegetables
  • Fried banana male bud is a special vegetable which is better tasted rather than described. It is suitable as an accompaniment of other banana dishes or with ugali, chapati or other foods.
  • Banana Baby Foods are made from banana powder, from both ripe or green bananas, combined with other flours and vegetable ingredients to give the baby a wholesome and nutritious ready-to-eat or quick to cook food.