Dried Pineapples


The dried pineapple has a beautiful flavour and taste, and can be eaten alone or as part of a dried fruit mixture. It can be used for baking, with breakfast cereals, for cooking and in other creative ways.

Perhaps you have never been to Malindi, Migori, Thika, Chalize or Entebbe, but if you have, then you have seen those beautiful pineapples. They are huge, perhaps 2-3 kgs each. They are loaded on to carts and all the vendors are trying to out-do each other to attract your attention to buy.

If you are a visitor to the area, chances are that you will not buy them -they are too big and how do you eat a pineapple in your hotel room? So you admire them and leave them where they are. The vendors know that they cannot sell everything they have and wastage is a reality of their business, but this need not be. We at KFP take the big pineapple, dry it and make it possible for you to carry it to your hotel room, on your safari or home to Europe, America, Asia or Australia.

At KFP, we bridge the gap between the farmers who are faced with glut every season and the people who have no access to the fresh pineapple, by drying and packaging it so that it can reach those who would love to eat it. By drying the pineapple, we give it a shelf life of at least eighteen months, making it easy to eat and market widely.