Dried Mangoes


Dried mango has a shelf life of at least a year. It is only 10% of the original weight, since the water has been drained out. It can be eaten in the office, at parties, in the car, at picnics, at the gym and with your breakfast cereals. Dipped in a syrup, it is a dessert you should not skip. Buy yourself a packet and be a witness that it's not like anything else you 've tasted before. You'll love it!

Dried mangoes bring to my daughter and I fond memories of my dear Philippino friend Risa. My daughter was a few years old, at that time of life when delicious things make lasting impressions. Risa used to bring dried mangoes from her home in the Philippines and my daughter loved them. It was not until two decades later that I thought of them with the same passion

I was then working in Malawi, a land in which at that time there was perhaps one mango tree for every person. The trees would be laden with mangoes between October and December. Mangoes would be everywhere -on the trees, on the ground, on dump sites and roadsides, in the market and everywhere. They were beautiful, green outside, yellow inside, succulent and simply delicious to eat, but sadly, most would go to waste. Then, the season would pass and in February there would be just a few left, in March maybe a few late harvest trees would have one or two and in April not a single one anywhere.

I realized how seasonal mangoes can be, especially where they are rain fed. It bothered me that so much waste could be followed so closely by scarcity and that plentifulness could be such a close ally of scarcity. I resolved that something could be done about it and started researching. I discovered the beauty of the dried mango and now I spend my time introducing it to others.